Friday, September 30, 2011

Flowerboxes and Containers Part II

There were so many beautiful ways in which flowers in boxes and containers were shown, I didn't want to put them all in one post. So here is part II - the first few are truly wonderful!

Now that is a green thumb!! If you want to see a TRULY SPECTACULAR
photo of these flowers, go to Bill Adkins "A Year On Market" and look
up the August 31 entry. WOW!

These blues are great!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unusual Theft in Downtown Frederick?

The Frederick News Post and reported several thefts in downtown Frederick.
Copper downspouts are being targeted. This may be new for Frederick, but if you Google it, copper downspout thefts have occurred around the country. Copper has gotten more valuable and so homes with copper downspouts are more vulnerable.  The post article advises: "Those with information can call police at 301-600-2100."

Historic District Updates - Get The Frederick Newel Post

Christina Martinkosky, a Historic Preservation Planner for the City of Frederick, has emailed to add to the earlier blog on historic windows, “Anyone can join the Frederick Newel Post email list and receive occasional updates that will include hands-on workshops for property owners, newsletters, contests and special events.  To get on the email list contact Shannon Albaugh at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Frederick Flower Boxes and Containers

I posted this on my Facebook page, but from now on, I will post the Frederick Photo of the week on this site and just link to it from Facebook. I was admiring the beautiful ways in which people brought some brightness to their houses with flowers and greenery. Here are a few of the best of them.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Attend Your Neighborhood Advisory Council

OK, I admit it. I've lived downtown for many years and last week went to my first Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) meeting (see previous post). I may be a slow starter, but I will go to the next one. Why? They covered a lot of issues and information about what was happening in the neighborhood. A number of city employees were present and gave reports on long standing issues of concern to those living in that neighborhood on such topics as theft, parking and vagrants. Police Chief Dine and several officers were in attendance to discuss citizen concerns about crime. Joe Atkins described a plan for adding parking meters and two city employees discussed preservation of historic windows. To see which NAC you live in, click on this NAC map from the Frederick City web site.

NAC meetings are about hearing concerns for your area, providing a citizen forum, and learning more about issues relevant to those living in the city from city employees, and bringing up topics of concern. It was also great to connect with neighbors.  Their official mission is: "The Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) is a forum for residents to become involved in identifying and recommending positive changes to improve their neighborhoods by enhancing communications with elected officials. It is the goal of the elected officials to work with residents to understand and address the issues that impact the quality of life in neighborhoods. " That is exactly what was happening there.
Frederick City has 12 NACs. Find out more at:

To suggest additional topics for things to do, email 

Take Care of Your Historic Windows - NAC 11 Presentation

Whether you live in a historic home or not, one of the things homeowners eventually have to do is maintain their windows.  I attended the Neighborhood Advisory Council meeting for area 11  on Sept 20. Truby LaGarde facilitated the meeting and welcomed two city historic planners to talk aout how to maintain older windows. Lisa Mroszczyk and Christina Martinkowsky not only gave some excellent advice about what homeowners can do to repair older windows and caulking, they described the kinds of things that those folks who are not very handy could do themselves. They are with the City of Frederick's Historic Preservation Planning Department and welcome calls from homeowners with questions relating to this topic.
Here is a link to all the planning departments in the city website:

If you have suggestions for further topics email:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stunning Photos on Blog "A Year on Market"

If you haven't seen the photos of Bill Adkins blog "A Year on Market" you are missing some of the most stunning photos of Frederick ever taken. Bill is one talented guy. He has one inspiring photo a day on this blog. Don't miss it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great Frederick Fair Sunday Sept 18

It's hard to beat the variety of things to see at the Frederick County Fair. Here are some highlights from today's visit.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Golf In Frederick County or Nearby?

Do you golf or know anyone who loves golfing and golfs here in the Frederick area? I'm not a golfer but there are quite a few golf courses in the area.  I'd like to ask some avid golfers a few questions about the courses in the area and post the answers on the blog. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Great Frederick Fair 2011

Don't miss the Great Frederick Fair 2011. Starts Friday September 16th.  Here is their website

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something for Everyone "In The Street 2011"

You are looking at In The Streets in Full swing outside the Cultural Arts Center in Frederick, MD. This is just a small sampling of the groups and activities at In The Streets. There are dozens more! Scroll down in the blog for more photos and notes about:
Speaking of things to do in Frederick, I spoke with Joe Silovich, the Publisher of Frederick Magazine at In The Street. They have a calendar in every issue, AND an online events calendar

    In The Street 2011 - Hagerstown and Frederick Railway Historical Society

    Did you know there was a Hagerstown and Frederick Railway Historical Society? Richard Benjamin mans the booth at In The Street.  Go to   Richard says there is a trolley on display at the Roundhouse Museum in Hagerstown

    In The Street - 2011 - The Society For Creative Anachronism

    A wonderful demonstration of costumes and martial arts from The Society For Creative Anachronism  Go to

    In The Street - 2011 - Maryland Saltwater Sportsfishermen’s Association

    Rob Pellicott, Neal Ammerman, and Jodie Patkus from the Maryland Saltwater Sportsfishermen’s Association (MSSA).  Go to

    In The Street - 2011 - The Alliance Française de Frederick

    Colleen Bloom and Linda Motton greet visitors at the The Alliance Française de Frederick booth at In The Streets.  For those interested in all things French!  Go to

    In The Street - 2011 - Habitat for Humanity Frederick County

    Chelsea Boice, Kristen Collabucci, and Ron Cramer, Executive Director, represent Habitat for Humanity in Frederick County.

    In The Street - 2011 - Ravens Roost

    Bob Ewin greets the crowd at the Ravens Roost #43 of Frederick.