Friday, September 23, 2011

Attend Your Neighborhood Advisory Council

OK, I admit it. I've lived downtown for many years and last week went to my first Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) meeting (see previous post). I may be a slow starter, but I will go to the next one. Why? They covered a lot of issues and information about what was happening in the neighborhood. A number of city employees were present and gave reports on long standing issues of concern to those living in that neighborhood on such topics as theft, parking and vagrants. Police Chief Dine and several officers were in attendance to discuss citizen concerns about crime. Joe Atkins described a plan for adding parking meters and two city employees discussed preservation of historic windows. To see which NAC you live in, click on this NAC map from the Frederick City web site.

NAC meetings are about hearing concerns for your area, providing a citizen forum, and learning more about issues relevant to those living in the city from city employees, and bringing up topics of concern. It was also great to connect with neighbors.  Their official mission is: "The Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) is a forum for residents to become involved in identifying and recommending positive changes to improve their neighborhoods by enhancing communications with elected officials. It is the goal of the elected officials to work with residents to understand and address the issues that impact the quality of life in neighborhoods. " That is exactly what was happening there.
Frederick City has 12 NACs. Find out more at:

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