Monday, November 14, 2011

Frederick Photo of the Week: Bridge Across Carroll Creek

I came across this photo of the "swinging" bridge across Carroll Creek. It went from Baker Park to Carroll Parkway. It was taken on a beautiful fall day and I am so glad I got a photo then because the bridge was taken down over a year ago. The replacement will look like the original, but the project has been slow.  This bridge was a rarity and kids loved to jump on it while crossing to make it move up and down. Some people refused to cross it because it swayed a little with each step. It's very much missed. Can't wait to see the revitalized bridge and be able to cross the creek again! Click on  the photo to see a larger version.
Baker Park "Swinging" Bridge 2005 - No Longer There

The Friends of Baker Park website  describes the bridge as being built in 1875 as a pedestrian bridge over Carroll Creek at Bentz Street. It was later replaced by a larger bridge for vehicles and the original relocated to the spot near Parkway.