Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Local Photographer Stalks the Great Blue Heron

Blue Heron are among the most magnificent birds in the country.  Frederick is lucky enough to have one or two that hang out in Baker Park year round. Lilypons, another local attraction, is also home to the Blue Heron.  I saw this amazing shot on photographer Dan Scenna's Facebook page and persuaded him to allow me to show it to you. He stalked this bird for over an hour before getting this shot. He even got the drops of water flying off the heron's legs. Click on the photo for a slightly larger image. Thanks Dan!!
Photograph by Dan Scenna. Location: Lilypons, Water Gardens Adamstown, MD USA 2011.

Prints of Dan's photo can be purchased.  11x14 prints are $65. Contact Dan Scenna directly for other sizes and prices.