Friday, December 23, 2011

Scott Speck Photography at the Blue Elephant

I had the opportunity last week to see Scott Speck's solo photography show at The Blue Elephant. Among the photographs there was a collection of photos made with a pinhole camera. Each photograph is accompanied by a poem relating to the image. All the poems were written by the DC and Artomatic poet BRASH. Scott sent the images for the show via email to BRASH, who then wrote the poems. The poet clearly has a way with words.

Zero Image 2000 Pinhole Camera
As I entered the gallery, I caught the tail end of Scott's explanation to visitors of the workings of the pinhole camera. The camera is hand-made by Zernike Au of the ZeroImage pinhole camera company. It is constructed of of teak wood and brass, and has a beauty of its own.

When asked more about the camera, Scott wrote: "It uses roll film, and the shutter is OPEN in this photo. The shutter is controlled by a cable release. The pinhole is at the center of the brass disk on the front face of the camera. The film is advanced with the knob shown on the right. The light merely passes through the pinhole and strikes the film. There is no bending of light through a lens of any kind. A difficulty with using this camera is that you cannot look THROUGH the camera to compose your scene. All composition is done through mental visualization of the scene."

Pinhole photographs are generally very crisp in the center and then begin to blur and distort toward the edges. It makes for some very fascinating photos.

Homicide Detective Dan Lenick -
Scott Speck - Pinhole Photography
Scott Speck - Foggy Forest in West Virginia

Scott Speck - St. Matthews Cathedral,
Washington, DC
- Pinhole Photography
Scott Speck - Forest - Pinhole Photography

Scott Speck (right) speaks with gallery visitors
about the technique of pinhole photography.

Scott Speck's Photography at the Blue Elephant Gallery

Scott's work will remain at The Blue Elephant until December 30th.  The three public receptions took place earlier this month, but you can still see the exhibit by appointment:  301/471-5950  The Blue Elephant is a working studio for an ecclectic group of artists located at 4A West 5th St, in downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Next month's Blue Elephant show features Vince Coates' abstract paintings, photography and sculpture. The show is called "Fish Mon, Zookeper, and Gypsy Women."  Vince will also read selections from his recently published books. The exhibit opens January 14th  - 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.