Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day - A Beautiful Spring Day in Frederick in March

I wandered downtown in Frederick MD around 4 o'clock to see the St. Patrick's day revelers, get my exercise in, and check out the cherry blossoms. It was at least 70 degrees and sunny.  Lots of people were out enjoying the day.  Click on any photo for a larger version.

Baker Park was full of families enjoying the great weather.

The Green Turtle and La Paz attracted great crowds with their outdoor seating and
St. Patrick's Day celebrations. One fellow saw that I was taking pictures and he is waving.
Walking down the alley I spotted this great play of light on the cherry blossoms and forsythia bush.
I love how they contrast with the concrete wall patina!

I was really attracted to the beautiful green of the water in contrast to the red of the bridge.
This is on Carroll Creek.

Who would have thought we'd be wearing shorts and sitting out side in March?

Another view of the outdoor restaurants near the creek.

A family enjoys Culler Lake in Baker Park

Baseball practice

Where Is the Local Housing Recovery? March 2012

To see where we were in the housing recovery I looked at the past 12 year's property price averages. Housing prices in some areas, such as Aspen Hill and  Poolesville in Montgomery County, were on their way back up. 

Other areas, such as Villages of Urbana, Worman's Mill and overall downtown Frederick, were still languishing. Surprisingly, within the general downtown area of Frederick, the historic district is moving steadily upward. 

There are still a large number of foreclosures in the shadow inventory in Frederick County. Though historically, housing prices rise in spring, it remains to be seen whether they will be offset by increasing foreclosures this year.  I'll keep you informed!  Frederick county currently has 879 properties for sale and 18% fall into the distressed category of foreclosures and short sales.  That number may rise as foreclosures make their way into the multiple list system (MLS), though this is still uncertain since many foreclosures are sold by auction. Because auction foreclosures are not sold by realtors, they do not make it into the MLS database.  This data come from the MLS (MRIS) system and does not include private or builder sales that have not been entered into this database.   Data shown below.

Darcy Richards is an Exclusive Buyer Agent at the Buyers Best Realtors in Frederick, MD. Direct: 301/524-3676 or General Office: 301/874-5100.