Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Walkabout In Frederick

Once in awhile it's nice to just walkabout in Frederick with a camera and just enjoy the great aspects of living in this town. On Sunday I wandered around downtown and in the park. I talked with several folks who had their dogs with them who were happy to be included in the blog. At the west end of Culler Lake in Baker Park, the night herons have been nesting for some weeks now. If you have never heard their amazing vocalizations, it is a worth a trip just to hear their prehistoric sounding calls. I'll try to get a good video of this later in the spring. I ran across photographer Dudley Warner with a serious telephoto lens who was kind enough to share this wonderful photo of the herons. I have photographed these birds many times but never got anything like what you see here. Click on the image for a larger view.

Black Crowned Night Heron in Baker Park by Dudley Warner, Frederick Maryland, USA

I stopped to talk with Joseph and his dog Red at the dog park on Bentz and Carroll Parkway. Red is a sweet rescued Plott Hound. These hounds are bred for hunting bears!

I also met Andrew and Stephanie walking Teddy, their Irish Setter-Collie mix. Teddy is six months old.

This is Harry who describes himself as a disabled vet, out walking his companion dog Brenie. 

 If you have never been to the playground in Baker Park near the pool, there is a wonderful (and scary) dinosaur skeleton to play on.

Playground in Baker Park, Frederick Maryland

The weather was so lovely that the landscape around Baker Park had a old masters painting quality to it.

Culler Lake is the jewel of Baker Park!

The canal was beautiful too..

One of the people I talked to remarked that there is always something going on in Baker Park. There are so many things to do in Frederick. Today's event was the March of Dimes walk. They had a pretty good turnout.

I saw some Money Plants blooming at West College Terrace and 2nd St. They are gorgeous!
The city is making great progress on restoring the swinging bridge, which I wrote about in November 2011.

Come visit, if you don't already live here!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bridge Over Carrol Creek - Downtown

Another great reason to live in Frederick County.  Here is a photo of the foot bridge over Carroll creek across from Five Guys. The light hit it just right so that the arches became ovals....

When you stand on top of this bridge, there is a great view down the creek toward the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center and up the creek toward Baker Park.  Last week,  I had a look at the view from a condo in Maxwell Place (35 E. All Saints St) overlooking the creek and Citizen's Way. You cannot beat that view! 

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Around Town, Saturday April 14

Some notes from around town on Saturday, April 14th.   A quick pic of the 2012 MS Walk in Frederick on Saturday working  its way down East Third Street.

Baker Park softball field was very busy as well....

Love these flowerboxes in front a Frederick storefront . . .

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Destroy Confidential Papers Free with FCB Shred Day April 28th

Frederick County Bank is having a FREE Shred day, where you can take all those old statements from banks, taxes, credit cards, and client stuff... and have them destroyed for free. Now that is a great community service! It's Saturday, April 28 from 9 a.m. till noon at 490 Monocacy Blvd - the corner of Monocacy Blvd and Bucheimer Rd.  . Plenty of time to sort out those old files.. and after tax day. Check it out at: 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Into Frederick

A quick walk around town showed some folks out enjoying the fabulous warm weather and beautiful spring landscapes.