Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Downtown Frederick Walkabout

My usual walk around downtown Frederick found some nice views worth photographing.These don't need much explanation. It's just an ordinary day in a great town. :-)    ~ Darcy

View of West 2nd Street facing east.
West 3rd Street

East 2nd Street
East 2nd St.
Tyler Spite House garden on W..Church St
Carroll Creek facing west.
Carroll Creek facing south.
Carroll Creek at the Community Bridge trompe l'oei
A bench near the fountain in Baker Park, near Bentz St
Two ducks on a rock in Carroll Creek, Baker Park.
Looks like they are standing on an alligator head.
I don't usually do storefronts, but this one is charming!~
East 3rd facing east.
Fountain statues in front of City Hall on Court Street.