Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Year Old Blog Celebrating Frederick

Just wanted to mention that this photo blog is now one year old! The blog serves many purposes. It describes to Frederick residents, friends of Frederick, and those who are thinking about moving here the benefits of living in Frederick, and the beautiful characteristics of the town and the county. It also serves to let people who want to buy or sell a home in Frederick County, know more about the real estate market here.  And OK, I admit it gives me a wonderful reason to take photographs, which I love to do! Finally, it provides an opportunity to showcase the works of some of the finest photographers around. What's not to like?

The blog has had 3,551 visitors as of today. It's always fun to see where the visitors come from. Here is an example of the visitor's locations for one month - including quite a few from Germany and Russia.  I like to imagine that there might be people sitting around in a cafe in Moscow  or Berlin saying, "Hey, let's go visit this Frederick place!  It looks nice there!"