Wednesday, December 3, 2014

City of Frederick Snow Policies

I hate to mention it, but winter is here, and snow will inevitably come our way. Personally I love snow and I even like to shovel it. Of course my sidewalk is only about 16 ft wide and the walk leading to it is about the same distance, so I am not spending much time shoveling, even in the worst of weather.  Frederick City has rules about snow removal and which streets can not be parked upon during a declared snow emergency. You can print out a snow tips and reminders document at this address on the city website:
Among other things, it explains the following:

Within 12 hours after the snow stops falling, a person owning or occupying a lot, or part of a lot, abutting a City sidewalk shall remove the snow and ice from the abutting sidewalk for a width of 4 feet, or the width of the sidewalk, whichever is less.

If the owner or occupant fails to remove the snow and ice a Code official shall place a “Notice of Violation” in a conspicuous place on the property notifying the property owner or occupant to remove the snow and ice.If the property owner fails to comply with the “Notice of Violation” within twenty-four (24) hours after its posting, the Code official may cause the snow and ice to be removed.

The costs of removal will be charged to the property owner. (Ref. City of Frederick Charter Sec. 22.16) CAN I SHOVEL SNOW INTO CITY RIGHT OF WAYS?No – it is unlawful for any person to place and/or deposit snow in or upon any street, sidewalks or other public ways. Violations of this is declared to be a municipal infraction. The penalty for violation shall be the sum up to five-hundred dollars ($500.00).

You can do one of the following:
  • Check the City’s website at
  • Call the City’s Emergency Information line at 301-600-1300
  • Listen to local radio stations – FM WFRE 99.9, FM KEY 103.1, FM 103.9
  • Sign up for alerts at
  • Watch cable channel 99 or 25 WHAG
ARE THERE DEADLINES FOR THE CITY TO REMOVE THE SNOW? After the snow has stopped falling, and drifting has ceased, it is anticipated that City streets will be plowed and/or treated with ice melting chemicals according to the following schedule:
  • 0” – 3” Streets cleared or treated within 12 hours
  • 3” – 6” Streets cleared or treated within 24 hours
  • 6” – 9” Streets cleared or treated within 36 hours*
  • > 9” As quickly as possible *These times do not include time required to load and haul snow out of the Downtown commercial and/or residential areas. 
For more information, go to: 
Michele Bowman, the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Frederick Police Department, recently sent out this reminder of the city's snow policies:

Time To Think Snow and Plan for Winter…..

As a resident, business, or contractor in the City of Frederick there are a couple of snow removal regulations that you should be familiar with.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact The Department of Public Works at 301-600-1440.

Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks (City Code 22-16.) A person owning or occupying a lot or part of a lot abutting a city sidewalk shall remove the snow and ice from the abutting sidewalk for a width of four (4) feet, or the width of the sidewalk, whichever is less. Failure to remove the snow and ice as required could result in a fine not exceeding $100.  If the owner or occupant still fails to remove the snow and/or ice the city may have the snow/ice removed.  The cost will be charged to the property owner.

Placing snow in public way (City Code 22-16.1) A person may not plow, shovel or otherwise deposit snow or ice onto a public street or sidewalk.  Violation of this is a municipal infraction and subject to a fine not to exceed $500. A person violating this and the owner of the property from which the snow or ice originated from are jointly liable for any costs incurred by the City in (1) removing the snow or ice; and (2) repairing any damage to City property that results from this violation. 

Snow Emergency Declaration (City Code 13-17. & 13-18.) When a snow emergency is declared, all vehicles parked along snow emergency routes must be moved starting two (2) hours after the snow emergency declaration.  Please remove all vehicles within the required time.  Prohibited parking shall remain in effect until the Snow Emergency has been lifted.  Cars in violation may be towed at the owners expense.

Snow Emergency Routes Below is a list of Snow Emergency Routes in The City of Frederick.

Snow Emergency Routes

North / South Streets
Market Street
Route 70 Bridge
Route 26
Bentz St/
Opossumtown Pike
West South Street
North City Limits
East Street
Monocacy Blvd (Walser Dr)
North Market Street
Baughmans Lane
US Route 40
Rosemont Avenue
South Jefferson Street
Prospect Blvd
West Patrick Street
Monocacy Blvd
East South Street
East Patrick Street
Monocacy Blvd
Gas House Pike
MD Route 15
Gas House Pike/
Church St
Monocacy Blvd
East St
Mill Island Pkwy
Waterside Drive
Monocacy Ford Rd

East / West Streets
Patrick Street
NB Ramp US Route 15
Bailes Lane
South Street/
Reich's Ford Road
West Patrick Street
City Limits
Yellow Springs Rd/
Rosemont Ave/
Dill Avenue
City Limits
N. Bentz
Seventh Street
Military Road
East Street
Butterfly Lane
Mount Phillip Rd
Route 180
Military Rd
West 7th Street
Rosemont Ave.
Waterside Drive
Monocacy Blvd
City Limits