Saturday, March 7, 2015

Downtown Frederick FAQ: Can I put storm Windows on my historic home?

Question: Can I put storm windows on the street-facing side of my home in the historic district?

Answer by Christina Martinkosky, Historic Preservation Planner in the City of Frederick.
Yes, property owners in the Historic District can install storm windows on any side of their building, including street-facing elevations. HPC approval is needed before starting work, however requests are generally reviewed by Staff within 2-3 days of submitting a complete application.

Storm windows must incorporate dimensions that correspond with the window to be covered. Storm windows can be metal or wood and they must be painted or have a factory-applied finish to match the underlying window or the window trim. HPC guidelines for storm windows and all exterior modifications can be found at or you can call the Planning Department with specific questions.

Please remember that many rehabilitation projects, including the installation of storm windows, are eligible for the City's Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program. Tax paying property owners in the historic district may apply for a property tax credit equal to 25% of expenditures incurred for exterior work. Please check the City's website or contact Staff for more information.  Residents with questions can call the Planning Department at 301-600-1499. Ask to speak to a Historic Preservation Planner.

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