Monday, March 2, 2015

March 6 eNews Shorts - Frederick County

 1.   January 2015 Inventory Low - Prices Up

The number of homes sold in January 2015 in Frederick County remained the same as last January - 159 in total. Overall, Frederick County's housing inventory has been falling steadily since August. A balanced housing inventory is 6 months and Frederick county's was at 3.8 months at the end of January. This signals a regional shortage of homes for buyers. Graph: Real Estate Business Intelligence 2015.

Not surprisingly with less supply and steady demand, the average price of a sold home in January, rose 15% over last year. The averages are $233,086 for attached homes (condos, duplexes, and townhouses) and $339,621 for detached homes.

 2.   Test Your Knowledge: What is an Astragal 

a. An astrology reading done by a female astrologer.
b. A rubber layer between outdoor carpeting and the ground.
c. A molding profile used in door frames.
d. A wooden platform used to support a home observatory. (answer at the bottom) 


 3.   Work Continues on Carroll Creek 

Work continues on the Galleria walkways on Carroll Creek when possible, despite the cold weather. The City Website contains a blog with photos on the progress. The last update was early in February. See This Week on Carroll Creek.

 4.   What To Do In Snow?

Frederick County and City Guidelines The Frederick City and Frederick County have specific guidelines about snow removal policies and moving your car from Snow Emergency Routes. Frederick City policies can be found at: Snow Removal. Snow removal takes place by region in the city, so if you don't know which region you live in consult the Snow Removal Region Map. Snow Emergency Routes are defined on this page: Snow Emergency Routes. The city really needs one page titled "Everything You Need to Know about Snow." But they do have a Tips About Snow
document in pdf format that you can download and this really is worth reading if you live downtown because you can get a Notice of Violation for not shoveling your snow within the specified time frame and to the specified width.  Frederick County Policies can be found on their Snow Removal page. The County's Snow emergency definitions is described in this county document on page 5.

Clever trick to keep your driveway clear:  Snow Shoveling Secrets.
I saw this YouTube video the other day on how to keep the snow plow from plowing in your driveway once you've cleared it. Worth watching if you have a driveway in the suburbs or the country.


 5.   Kitchen Islands On the Cheap

I've been thinking about trading my kitchen table in for a kitchen island. I've got a small kitchen and have been fascinated by the creative and wildly varying prices of kitchen islands to be found online. For my research, I started on Pinterest. Moved to Country Living, and then on to what you'll find if you simply Google kitchen islands and check out the images. I got inspired by the do it yourselfers versions: Apartment TherapyWoohome Rustic Islands. About Home - Unique Kitchen Islands. 33 Great Ideas for Kitchen Islands - Country Living. Bob Vila Kitchen Islands You Can Make.

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