Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Snow On the Way - Snow Guidelines - Frederick MD

Frederick City and Frederick County have specific guidelines about snow removal policies and moving your car from Snow Emergency Routes.  See the note below about when the public garages are open for free overnight parking in the event of a snowstorm.

Frederick City
Snow removal policies for the city can be found at: Snow Removal. Snow removal takes place by region in the city, so if you don't know which region you live in consult the Snow Removal Region Map. Snow Emergency Routes are defined on this page: Snow Emergency Routes. The city really needs one page titled "Everything You Need to Know about Snow." But they do have a Tips About Snow document in pdf format that you can download and this really is worth reading if you live downtown because you can get a Notice of Violation for not shoveling your snow within the specified time frame and to the specified width.

Frederick County
Snow removal policies for the county can be found on their Snow Removal page. The County's Snow emergency definitions is described in this county document on page 5. 

When Are Public Garages Open for Free Parking After A Snowfall?
As a downtown resident, I get this question a lot. Recently, Nikki Bamonti, from the Mayor's office answered the question as follows:

"Only in the most extenuating circumstances are the City parking garages open for “free parking” in a snow event.  The Mayor makes that decision on a case-by-case basis.  In 2009, the City had an unusually high volume of snow and alternative parking had to be implemented. Hundreds of residents, businesses and downtown employees exercise the option to rent parking spaces in the City garages on a long-term basis so they are guaranteed a place to park.  When opening the deck to “free parking” during a snow event, that allows anyone to occupy 1, 2 or even up to 4 spaces in the City garages.  This has the potential to put those who rent spaces on a permanent basis without a place to park, even though they have paid a premium to secure parking. 
The Mayor recognizes that parking downtown is limited and makes the decision to open the garages after considering many factors.    When the Mayor institutes free parking in City garages in the future, we will make sure it is well publicized.  Sign up for Alert Frederick County to be notified.   You can sign up here:   For any questions about snow and snow removal, contact the 24-hour switchboard: 301-600-1440."

"Depending on the weather updates throughout the day, we will likely be putting out a press release later today advising residents to “be aware of and obey the Restricted Parking designations."  The restricted parking areas assure citizens and the DPW Snow Plow Teams that the designated areas will be open and available for use to push and/or haul snow from streets if the need arises.  As a reminder, parking in a Restricted Parking area at any time, will result in a fine.

Residents are also reminded to move vehicles off of City streets if other parking is available.  A street cleared of parked vehicles allows the DPW Snow Team to plow quickly and as efficiently as possible. During any accumulating snow event, citizens are asked to stay home and off the roads if possible so as not to put themselves or others at risk.” 
Tricks for Keeping Your Driveway Clear of Plowed Snow

I saw this YouTube video the other day on how to keep the snow plow from plowing in your driveway once you've cleared it. It's worth watching if you have a driveway in the suburbs or the country but won't help downtown residents.  Snow Shoveling Secrets.