Friday, February 19, 2016

Selling Your Home During the Year's Strongest Real Estate Market in Frederick Maryland

Spring is the busiest time of year for home sales both here in Frederick and in most areas. Families with children want to get moved in before school starts, and buyers who waited until after the holidays, want to get started. The warmer weather brings out some folks who start off browsing and end up buying. However, along with the higher prices and the quicker sales that generally occur in the spring, sellers and buyers alike face increased competition. If you are hoping to capitalize on selling when there are more buyers in the spring, don’t wait to get your property in shape to sell.

Here a few strategies to help you.

  • Begin by selecting a Realtor who can guide you through the getting ready phase and advice you on your home's market value, timing, and process
  • Choose the right listing price. If you want a quick sale, your realtor can advise you on an  initial listing price that accurately reflects your home's value in the current market. If your price is too high, your home will be bypassed in favor of other homes on the market with more updates and lower prices.
  • If you list early in the market – February to early March,competition is lower.  Your home will enjoy a greater chance of attracting buyers' attention.
  • If your home is behind in maintenance, consider having a home inspection before listing it. You can be made aware of, and correct, some issues before a contract is at stake.

  • Clean, declutter & organize! Buyers will be put off by clutter,dirt and messy spaces. First impressions are key! Get your home in prime condition early in the process and that will increase your chances of getting an offer.

  • As soon as it’s warm enough, give your front and back yards a landscaping makeover. Buyers will be drawn to properties with  welcoming, colorful and comfortable outdoor spaces.
  • Prepare for a quick sale. Have at least TWO backup plans in case your home sells more quickly than you expected. There are no guarantees, but you may encounter a rapid sale and even a multiple bids. As a seller, you may want to begin packing and planning your move while your home is still on the market.