Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Anchor Fest July 9th for the Student Homelessness Initiative (SHIP)

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release 7/1/2016 Music and Message Meet for This Year’s Anchor Fest July 9

A Frederick music festival showcasing a diverse group of musical genres will hold its second event at the Frederick Fairgrounds Eventplex, directing proceeds to a local group that supports homeless public school students in Frederick County with Frederick AnchorFest on July 9.

The festival, organized by a group of Frederick County millennial, features local and national artists playing hip-hop, electronic, metal, pop, and Indie music, and runs from noon to 11 pm. It is the second annual event put on by Fluorescent Adolescent, a group from Frederick County with a passion for new music and the community.

Their mission is to create an atmosphere that brings music lovers from different genres together, while also driving the culture of live music forward in Frederick. Musical groups featured include L’il Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti, JK the Reaper, Butch Dawson, E Chalty, Andre Ossit, Micah Williams, More to Munroe, and many other groups. Marc Enongene, a 2011 Tuscarora High School graduate, organized the first AnchorFest in 2015, bringing 400 people to Baker Park. While the mission of Fluorescent Adolescent is cutting-edge music for Frederick, another vital element is benefitting the community, he says. “Whatever we make, we invest in future concerts and also provide to help needs where we live locally,” he said.

When Marc and his co-organizers considered the beneficiary of the 2016 concert, they realized they had never forgotten about students in local high schools who were homeless, and connected with SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative partnership of Frederick County). At the close of the 2015-16 school year, 812 students in the public schools were homeless, according to FCPS statistics. SHIP runs a variety of projects and fundraisers targeted at supporting these homeless students in Frederick County.

“We’re thrilled to have connected with Marc and his group. They have a keen awareness of the challenges of homeless students, having seen it as students in recent years, and it is great that they are directing their musical efforts in this direction,” said Ed Hinde, executive director of SHIP.