Friday, February 10, 2017

Get Your Home Ready for Millenial Buyers

Millennials— those born between 1980 and the late 1990s—constitute 35% of buyers.  Agents and sellers need to tune into the Millennial generation’s preferences to sell to these buyers.  Some selling strategies:
  • Go Mobile - Ensure that your home is listed on real estate apps. When Millennials search for a home, they reach for apps on their smart phones before any other source. Making sure that your property is displayed on all of the major real estate apps will help to maximize visibility.
  • Promote sustainability features. Millennials have grown up in an era that is characterized by concerns about climate change and depletion of natural resources. They are drawn toenergy-efficient and other sustainable features in a home.
  • Consider staging a room as a home office if you do not already have one. In the business world, Millennials often have the option to work from home and will likely place a high value on home offices. If you have a flexible living space or spare bedroom, furnishing it with a desk and chair to make a functional home work area.
  • Highlight open floor plans—or create the appearance of having one. Millennials value floor plans that allow their guests to move freely through the kitchen, living room, and outdoor living spaces. Keeping countertops clear, leave doors between rooms open, and let in plenty of natural light. 
  • Millennial home buyers prefer communities or neighborhoods with convenient access to public transportation, parks, restaurants, theater, schools, and shopping.  If your community has any of these features, be sure to highlight them for Millennial buyers.  
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