Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Find out About Events and Activities in Frederick, Maryland

If you have some free time and are wondering what to do in Frederick Maryland, you have at least four good places to check for events and activities. These are the same places I use to report events for the TalkAboutFrederick monthly newsletter:

1) Tourism - The most extensive list of events in Frederick can be found online at Tourism:   If you haven't gone yet, stop in at the Visitor's Center and wonder through the great resources there.  Their website is  Tourism Council of Frederick County, Inc.  151 S.East St. Frederick, MD 21701 800-999-3613,
2) The Frederick News Post publishes a "Things to Do In Frederick" page that is searchable.  Find it at 

3) The Downtown Partnership calendar of events:

4) Celebrate Frederick has a number of very popular events each year.