Tuesday, March 28, 2017

27 New Businesses in Downtown Frederick - March 2017

Whether you are a visitor, new to Frederick, or have lived here for years, the downtown is always changing.  A steady stream of new shops, new restaurants, and new services await you. Here is a list of 26 businesses that have opened in the last year and the month in which they opened. Links are provided if I could find them. This list was provided by Leeann Dickerson of the Downtown Frederick Partnership. You can read more about the Partnership below the list.

  1. Opa, 50 Carroll Creek Way (March 2016) Facebook | Website
  2. GOOD juju Juice Bar, 310 E 2nd St (April 2016) Facebook
  3. Frederick County Bank, 2 N Market St (April 2016) Facebook| Website
  4. Tenth Ward Distilling, 508 E Church St (July 2016) Facebook | Website
  5. Sados, 501 N Market St (September 2016) Facebook | Website
  6. Creme de la Creme, 207 N Market St (Septber 2016) Facebook | Website
  7. The Kitchenette, 217 N Market St (September 2016) Facebook | Website
  8. Quality Shoe Service and Repair, 319 N Market St (October 2016) Facebook
  9. Bailey's Treasures, 419 N Market St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  10. Pearl Clothing, 230 E Patrick St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  11. Elegant Forever, 31 E Patrick St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  12. Ascension Healing Studio, 147 W Patrick St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  13. Fred & Co. 1745, 308 N Market St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  14. Authentic Barber, 308 N Market St (November 2016) Facebook | Website
  15. McClintock Distilling Co., 35 S Carroll St (December 2016) Facebook | Website
  16. Downtown Lash Co., 113 E Patrick St (December 2016) Facebook | Website
  17. Christin Lewin Photography, 106 N Market St (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  18. Moxie & Momentum, 263 W Patrick St (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  19. GWC-Artwork, 328 E Patrick St (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  20. Princess Parties & Boutique, 115 W Patrick St (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  21. Surelocked In, 220 N Market St (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  22. Windy City Red Hots, 50 Carroll Creek Way (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  23. Attaboy Beer Co., 400 Sagner Ave (January 2017) Facebook | Website
  24. Indellibelle, 23 E Patrick St (February 2017) Facebook | Twitter
  25. New Market Hãnai Ohana, 30 S Court St (March 2017) Facebook | Website
  26. Hippy Chicks Hummus, 239 N Market St (March 2017) Facebook | Website

Contact the Downtown Frederick Partnership Staff:  

Kara Norman
Executive Director

Danielle Doll
Development Associate

Cecylia Morrison
Promotion and Events Manager

Leeann Dickerson
Marketing & Promotion M


Friday, March 24, 2017

Upcoming April 2017 events in Frederick Maryland

Here are some upcoming events in Frederick Maryland, for April 2017.  For more details about the upcoming events go to the websites for the Downtown Frederick Partnership, Celebrate Frederick, or the Tourism calendar.
  • April First Saturday  - April 1 • 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM Explore Downtown’s Hidden Spaces  Free
  • Civil War Walking Tour - April 1 • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Heritage Frederick, 24 E Church St. $
  • Frederick Keys Baseball starts Thursday April 6. Nymeo Field. $
  • Bell and History Day, Saturday, April 8, 2017 • 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, 48 E Patrick St. By donation
  • Meeting of the Minds, Artists Coffee Sunday, April 9,  10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, The ArtistAngle Gallery , 124 S Carroll St, Coffee and conversation with other artists: visual, performance, and musicians. Free
  • Frederick Speaker Series, Bill Nye, Thursday, April 20 & 21, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.  Weinberg,  20 W Patrick St. $
  • Frederick Craft Spirits Festival – Noon – 6:30 PM, 200 East Art Haus, 200 E Patrick St. $
  • Bulk Trash – City of Frederick Freecycle Roundup, April 22, 8 a.m.-2 p.m, at the Public Works facility, 111, Airport Drive East where bulk trash and reusable goods are collected and separated.
  • 28th Annual Children’s Festival - April 29, 2017 • 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM  Free
  • Bring A Broom Saturday, Saturday, April 29, 2017 • 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM Help downtown get ready for spring. Free
  • Bike to Work Day – May 19 – see biketoworkmetrodc.org for details throughout DC and Maryland.
  • Beyond the Garden Gates Tour -  May 20 -21 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm,  Downtown Frederick. $

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meeting To Discuss The East Street Corridor Small Area Plan (ESCAP)

Tonight, March 22, the City of Frederick's  Planning Department will host a public meeting to discuss the draft plan for the East Street Corridor Small Area Plan (ESCAP). Time:  6:00PM at the Frederick Visitor Center located at 151 S. East Street.  The purpose of this plan is to further the efforts of East Frederick Rising and the Vision Plan that group has created as well as build upon the recommendations of past studies and plans in this area. A workshop with the Planning Commission will be held on April 17th with a public hearing at a later date where the Commission will make a recommendation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. To see the plan, go to: http://www.cityoffrederick.com/DocumentCenter/View/6872

To read the plan go to http://www.cityoffrederick.com/DocumentCenter/View/6872


Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting Ready to Move in or Out of Frederick, MD? Packing Tips

I asked Rick Rehling, from JK Moving Company to give Frederick homeowners some tips on packing and getting ready to move so that blog readers can have a better moving experience.  Rick's advice comes from JK Moving and is shown below. For additional information or tips, contact Rick directly at Richard.Rehling@JKmoving.com.

For anyone moving this year or share with any friends or family that may be moving. Here are 10 Moving Tips to Make your Move Worry Free.
  1. When packing your things, label each box with what the contents are, and what room it will be going into.  a) Instruct your movers to place each box in its designated room so when you are ready, you can start unpacking room-by-room. This will make the moving process more manage able and organized. b) Label on the side of the box, as opposed to the top, to ensure visibility even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.
  2. Wrap breakable items in clothing. a) Instead of buying endless rolls of bubble wrap, use what you already have to wrap breakable items. b) Not only are you saving money, but you end up saving time by packing both clothes and items simultaneously. 
  3. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected before disconnecting the wires. a) Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than having 100 different wires that go in the back of your computer and having to remember how they were connected. b) Before packing your electronics, take a photo of how all the cords are connected. When you get to your new home, you can then pull up your photo and quickly reconnect and power things up without having to spend hours trying to remember which cord plugs-in where.
  4. Vacuum seal your clothing a) To save on space in boxes, it’s often a good idea to vacuum seal your clothing grouped by season. b) Out of season clothing can remain sealed and in storage until you are ready to take them out months down the line.
  5. Start getting rid of items weeks in advance.  a) Moving is the perfect time to categorize unwanted objects as either an item “to sell,” “to throw away,” or “to give away.”
    b) Organization is the best way to give yourself a discount on your Move – Why incur the cost of moving unused/unwanted items.
  6.  Change your address at least two weeks before moving. a) You will want to ensure you get all your important statements and letters on time and in the right location, so changing your address ahead of the move is extremely important. b) You no longer have to go straight to the post office to change your address; people can now go online to the U.S. Postal Service website and do it directly from there.
  7. Use laundry baskets and suit cases for packing personal or immediate need items. Moving trucks only have so much space; it’s important you use space wisely. Laundry baskets and suitcases are, more likely than not, coming with you to your new home. Instead of sending them off empty, you can use them to pack the things you deem necessary for immediate use in your new home; things like shampoo, paper towels, soap, toilet paper, sleeping clothes, etc.
  8. Don’t buy groceries in the two weeks prior to moving. a) Make sure that your last trip to the grocery store is at least two weeks prior to moving. This will give you a chance to gradually empty out your fridge and you will end up wasting a lot less food. b) If it’s moving with you, remember to defrost and clean your refrigerator at least two days before moving.
  9. Put tape or plastic wrap around the openings of toiletries so it doesn’t make a mess. Avoid accidental messes by covering the opening of your toiletries with plastic wrap and then putting the tops back on.
  10. Take measurements a) All the furniture you currently own may fit beautifully in your current home, but it may not be such a good fit in your new one. b) It’s important you take measurements of your big furniture items to make sure the transfer of your belongings is a smooth transition


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Write Directions Institute Offers Writers Classes in Frederick, MD

Write Directions Institute helps aspiring writers achieve their dreams. Want to write a book but can’t get started?  Help is on the way thanks to the  recently launched Write Directions Institute.  The Institute’s spring classes are tailored for aspiring authors who want to write, publish and  promote their books.  WDI’s March-June classes include:
  1. Become a better writer
  2. Copyright law - what all writers must know
  3. Facebook for writers
  4. I have a great idea for a book - now what?
  5. Introduction to technical writing
  6. Self-publishing 101
  7. Write a book, build a business
Classes start March 24, so sign up soon! Each class costs $75; early bird registration is $65. Classes are held at Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St., Frederick MD 21701. Learn more at Writedirections.com. Click on the graphic below for a full sized image.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Frederick, MD March Events 2017

Here are just of few of the many events in Frederick in March 2017. For more details about the upcoming events go to the websites for the Downtown Partnership, Celebrate Frederick, or the Tourism calendar.
  • March 4th, First Saturday, Hidden Spaces and Cool Places,   3:00pm – 9:00 pm downtown Frederick.
  • Women's History Month at National Museum of Civil War Medicine,  Saturday, March 4, 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM, 48 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701
  • Frederick Reads, author Bill Bryson, Sunday, March 5, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.  At the Weinberg,  20 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701.
  • Frederick Restaurant Week,  Monday, March 6,  10:00 AM – Sunday, March 12,  11:00 PM.  A seven day event. Restaurants  offer multi-course meals at pre-fixe prices.
  • Carillon Recitals – March 6 & 20. Twice monthly concerts  Sunday 12:30-1:00 pm, Baker Park Carillon.
  • Meeting of the Minds, Artists Coffee  Sunday, March 12,  10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, The ArtistAngle Gallery , 124 S Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701, Coffee and conversation with other artists: visual, performance, and musicians.
  • Saint Patrick's Day Beer Tour, March 17 - 18, Frederick, MD,  5230 Westview Dr.  21703, 301-698-2650

Friday, March 3, 2017

March 2017 E-News from City of Frederick: First Saturday, Laboring Sons Documentary, Clustered Spires Golf Club, Freecycle Roundup

The City of Frederick, MD's eNewsletter for March is out.  It is re-posted here by permission. If you have any questions or suggestions, direct them to Patti Mullens, the city's NEW Public Information Coordinator, and author of the newsletter:  pmullins@cityoffrederick.com. The topics for this month's newsletter are shown below and the articles follow. See the e-Newsletter archives for other issues.   ~ Darcy Richards
  1. Wastewater Treatment Plant Work Under Way - Improvements to Reduce Nutrients Getting into River, Bay
  2. Weinberg Center for the Arts Upcoming Events - March Highlights
  3. First Saturday Fun Scheduled - March 4, Find Music, Themes Downtown
  4. Documentary Honors Laboring Sons - African-American Cemetery History Presented
  5. News from the Frederick Police Department - March 11 Public Summit Covers Tips, Training
  6. Clustered Spires Golf Club - Get Into the Swing
  7. Daylight Saving Time - Reset Clocks March 12
  8. Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK)
  9. Freecycle Roundup to Salvage Bulk 'Trash' - Non-Profits Invited to Reuse Recyclable Items 
  10. Parks and Recreation - 'Bang' Fitness Dance Craze Comes to Town
  11. Talk to the Mayor Tuesdays - Next Session, March 28

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In This Issue
Wastewater Treatment Plant Work
Weinberg Center Lineup
First Saturday Fun Set
FPD News
Clustered Spires Golf in Gear
Daylight Saving Time Arrives
Frederick Municipal Airport Updates
Freecycle Roundup Day
Park & Rec Programs
Talk to the Mayor Tuesdays
Free Tax Preparation Service Sites Open
National Recognition for Schifferstadt
Alert System
Job Opportunities
  To find out what's happening in your City watch City Cable Channel 99!

City Cable Channel 99

For your viewing pleasure!

Visit the schedule for a complete listing of  programs on City Cable Channel99.

AVD Highlights 

Enjoy the following productions by The City of Frederick Audio Visual Department.


City Issues - FPD Community Outreach

Culler Lake Dedication 
Video Montage
Culler Lake 

ASL version

City Board/Commission Vacancies
Quick Links

61st Administration 
of The City of Frederick  
Downtown Frederick Partnership 
It's what's happening!
 Shopping, Dining and the Arts

Connect with The City
March 2017

Wastewater Treatment Plant Work Under Way 
Improvements to Reduce Nutrients Getting into River, Bay

The City of Frederick's wastewater treatment plant is undergoing a multimillion dollar construction project to meet the latest Maryland Department of the Environment standards for nutrient removal. Clean water from the plant goes back into the Monocacy River and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay.
Director of Public Works Zack Kershner and Mayor Randy McClement inspect construction at the wastewater treatment plant.

Weinberg Center for the Arts Upcoming Events

March Highlights 

Circo Comedia - March 3: "Physical dexterity and bad boy clowning" -Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Bria Skonberg - March 4
Trumpeter and vocalist; distinctive medley of classic jazz, world percussion, and old soul. 

Author, commentator, charms audiences with warmth, wit, and dry, self-effacing humor.

Freedom Train - March 9Explore the true story of Harriet Tubman; 
recommended for grades 3-9 in connection with the Frederick County Public Schools social studies curriculum.
For information on all upcoming events, visit the Weinberg Center Website or call the Box Office at 301-600-2828.

First Saturday Fun Scheduled
March 4, Find Music, Themes Downtown

Visitors walk downtown
The Downtown Frederick Partnership has a First Saturday lineup of  entertainment, deals, and amusement. Check out the complete schedule for March 4 and future events.

Documentary Honors Laboring Sons
African-American Cemetery History Presented

The City of Frederick's Audio Visual Department produced the "Laboring Sons" video about the historic African-American cemetery in Frederick. 
In 1837, a group of enslaved and freed blacks organized the Laboring Sons Beneficial Society to establish a cemetery of their own.  Learn what has happened since in Cary Wider's first documentary, "Laboring Sons," which had its premiere, followed by a panel discussion of history, Feb. 21.

News from the Frederick Police Department
March 11 Public Summit Covers Tips, Training

March 11, a Community Crime Summit is planned
from 8 a.m. - noon. Sessions will include 
body-worn cameras, gang awareness, drugs, police programs, personal safety, identity theft, digital security and human trafficking.
The summit is a free event but, registration is required, and space is limited.  For more information, contact Michele Bowman, 301-600-2091, or mbowman@frederickmdpolice.org.

Clustered Spires Golf Club

Get Into the Swing

Since 1991, Clustered Spires Golf Club has operated as the first Frederick County public golf course. The United States Golf Association selected Clustered Spires to host a USGA Open Qualifier in 2014, and nationally ranked Aneka Seumanutafa, youngest champion of the Maryland State Golf Association Women's Division Amateur Championship, claims Clustered Spires as her home course. Clustered Spires: 185 acres, 3-tier, all natural turf tee area, two practice putting greens, a practice bunker, hitting mats, an 18-hole course and pro shop.

Daylight Saving Time
Reset Clocks March 12

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. March 12

Save more than time: 
Emergency responders recommend changing batteries in your smoke alarms at the same time you change your clocks.

Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK)

At Frederick Municipal Airportconstruction continues to make room for more runway.  The federally funded project  involves demolishing 14 buildings owned by The City of Frederick. 

Freecycle Roundup to Salvage Bulk 'Trash'
Non-Profits Invited to Reuse Recyclable Items

Frederick's next semiannual Freecycle Roundup, April 22, will dispose of bulk "trash" and offer an alternative to filling up the landfill with reusable items that could benefit non-profit organizations. The Freecycle Roundup is open only to residents of The City of Frederick.  All non-profits interested in the items that are dropped off are invited to participate. April 10 is the deadline for nonprofits to sign up.
To register your non-profit, make sure you contact Tammy Albaugh by April 10 at talbaugh@cityoffrederick.com or 301-600-1680.

Parks and Recreation

'Bang' Fitness Dance Craze Comes to Town

Bang fitness/dance offered at Rec Center
Bang fitness/dance class offered 

Fitness offerings at the William Talley Recreation Center now include the Bang fitness dance classes. You can drop in or sign up for weeks.
Bang's combination of hip-hop, aerobics and dance is suitable for all fitness levels and all ages.
For a complete list of programs, go to the website, and for information, call 301-600-1492.

"Talk to the Mayor Tuesdays" 
Next Session, March 28

Mayor McClement has set aside the fourth Tuesday of each month from 2-6 p.m. to meet informally with citizens to discuss topics or issues of their choice. The next "Talk with the Mayor Tuesday" will be on March 28.
The Mayor's office is located in City Hall at 101 N. Court St.  No appointment is necessary, and citizens meet with the mayor on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, contact Pam Stocksdale at 301-600-1184 or  email pstocksdale@cityoffrederick.com.

Free Tax Preparation Service Offered
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

Free tax preparation service sites are open for business throughout Frederick County. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides free tax preparation and filing for households generally earning less than $64,000 annually. To find a preparer, use the VITA locator.
In addition, United Way, Goodwill, the National Disability Institute and Walmart have partnered to offer the free tax filing service online with

Schifferstadt Claims National Honor
Building Offers Rare Glimpse into Original German Design

The Schifferstadt Architectural Museum
The Schifferstadt house, which is a museum at 1110 Rosemont Ave., was one of 24 locations nationwide this year to make the National Park Service's exclusive list of national historic landmarks, "places that depict a broad range of America's rich, complex history."
In the January announcement, the National Park Service stated that as it enters its second century of service, it strives to tell a more inclusive and diverse story of America's history. The Schifferstadt house has original German architectural elements dating to the 18th Century.

Alert Frederick County
Emergency Notification System

Sign up for weather, traffic, and other important notices and updates at