Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting Ready to Move in or Out of Frederick, MD? Packing Tips

I asked Rick Rehling, from JK Moving Company to give Frederick homeowners some tips on packing and getting ready to move so that blog readers can have a better moving experience.  Rick's advice comes from JK Moving and is shown below. For additional information or tips, contact Rick directly at

For anyone moving this year or share with any friends or family that may be moving. Here are 10 Moving Tips to Make your Move Worry Free.
  1. When packing your things, label each box with what the contents are, and what room it will be going into.  a) Instruct your movers to place each box in its designated room so when you are ready, you can start unpacking room-by-room. This will make the moving process more manage able and organized. b) Label on the side of the box, as opposed to the top, to ensure visibility even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.
  2. Wrap breakable items in clothing. a) Instead of buying endless rolls of bubble wrap, use what you already have to wrap breakable items. b) Not only are you saving money, but you end up saving time by packing both clothes and items simultaneously. 
  3. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected before disconnecting the wires. a) Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than having 100 different wires that go in the back of your computer and having to remember how they were connected. b) Before packing your electronics, take a photo of how all the cords are connected. When you get to your new home, you can then pull up your photo and quickly reconnect and power things up without having to spend hours trying to remember which cord plugs-in where.
  4. Vacuum seal your clothing a) To save on space in boxes, it’s often a good idea to vacuum seal your clothing grouped by season. b) Out of season clothing can remain sealed and in storage until you are ready to take them out months down the line.
  5. Start getting rid of items weeks in advance.  a) Moving is the perfect time to categorize unwanted objects as either an item “to sell,” “to throw away,” or “to give away.”
    b) Organization is the best way to give yourself a discount on your Move – Why incur the cost of moving unused/unwanted items.
  6.  Change your address at least two weeks before moving. a) You will want to ensure you get all your important statements and letters on time and in the right location, so changing your address ahead of the move is extremely important. b) You no longer have to go straight to the post office to change your address; people can now go online to the U.S. Postal Service website and do it directly from there.
  7. Use laundry baskets and suit cases for packing personal or immediate need items. Moving trucks only have so much space; it’s important you use space wisely. Laundry baskets and suitcases are, more likely than not, coming with you to your new home. Instead of sending them off empty, you can use them to pack the things you deem necessary for immediate use in your new home; things like shampoo, paper towels, soap, toilet paper, sleeping clothes, etc.
  8. Don’t buy groceries in the two weeks prior to moving. a) Make sure that your last trip to the grocery store is at least two weeks prior to moving. This will give you a chance to gradually empty out your fridge and you will end up wasting a lot less food. b) If it’s moving with you, remember to defrost and clean your refrigerator at least two days before moving.
  9. Put tape or plastic wrap around the openings of toiletries so it doesn’t make a mess. Avoid accidental messes by covering the opening of your toiletries with plastic wrap and then putting the tops back on.
  10. Take measurements a) All the furniture you currently own may fit beautifully in your current home, but it may not be such a good fit in your new one. b) It’s important you take measurements of your big furniture items to make sure the transfer of your belongings is a smooth transition